I will try using USB2 for another test. I will also try another pc. I used to have a MK2, but I wasn’t using that many channels, so I sold it. I closed Sonar earlier today, then opened it again later and when it came up, it told me that there were no audio devices connected for it to use. Splat Max Output Level: Update chipset drivers Intel driver update or AMD equivalent. In a few days, on location the power supply should be more consistent.

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The unfortunate result, if this is true that digital connections between units lose sync, is that your dream of passing those 8 channels via the ADAT pipe are dashed. After install completes, power up your MOTU audio interface. None of it was indicated in the Motu Mixer levels or oscilloscope. Unstuff with Expander version 7. CueMix FX also indicates that there is no audio.


Not sure about this interface Click on the Driver tab. User Control Panel Log out.

Using the PCI-324 ASIO driver and the Wave driver at the same time

FastBikerBoy I did notice that Windows 7 ran some sort of huge update on both my systems recently with at least one if not two reboots before it was applied aiso may or may not be relevant. Thanks terry for your comments.


It did seem to be the machine s were losing sync and freezing up. This only happened a couple of times but though. It had been running for about 6 hours.

I say that people that say that don’t have your best interests in mind and are just rationalizing placing their own music making at risk and trying to get everyone else to agree so it asko seem so obvious that it was going to happen when, not if, it happens.

This time we were also getting random MIDI and “adat b” activity indicated on the front panels with nothing connected. What in the world could have caused mou and how do I fix it?

I used to have a MK2, but I wasn’t using that many channels, so I sold it. The was plugged in using USB3 when things went pear shaped.

I have also disabled the MIDI device driver just in case. CakeAlexS We seem to get a lot issues with offline DAWs here that don’t get the benefit of performance fixes or library updates e.

But that is not related to this problem of “freezing” I do not believe. Craig – yeah, I’m probably also going to roll back the last updates and see what happens.

I am working with MOTU on this. In this case, that really big me in the rear, tho! Who knew an audio interface could be a security risk?


These will take time to test properly as the problem takes a while to appear.

[SOLVED] (sort of) MOTU no longer working in ASIO driver mode | Cakewalk Forums

John – I was downloading the latest drivers while I was away. Use WinZip to expand. Try reinstalling your MOTU drivers. If you try newer ones make sure you have a back up plan to go back to the last known good one, because MOTU, Windows firewire and progress don’t always go hand in hand.

It keeps me happy. I had a free analog input to use on my for the Ultralite’s output, but I only needed two! View More Photo Galleries. Is there a way of resetting the hardware?

I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but it does seem the number of reports of weird behavior increases after Windows updates. If none of that works, try a different piece of MOTU hardware to see if it is appliance specific.