McDuffie held the series record for the most last-place finishes with 32 until Joe Nemechek surpassed him in He cut back his schedule to just a handful of races as he neared the age of The article linked above can give you a good idea of how McDuffie’s weekend was at Watkins Glen. Later he drove in an exhibition race in a car owned by Tom Schwarz against members of Dale Earnhardt’s pit crew. One of those offers eventually carried Benny Parsons to the Winston Cup championship. Seldom did such men attract the wealthy sponsors or the fame and notoriety that racing held. On lap 67, Chris Gehrke spun and flipped at the start finish line.

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Driver J.D. McDuffie Career Statistics –

By the time he arrived at Watkins Glen, N. Retrieved January 28, Wins Top tens Poles 0. Every time I see the cars go through the inner-loop, I think of J.

To the people of Sanford he was far more than a hometown hero; he was their neighbor and their friend. Downing, a champion sports car racer, and his brother-in-law Hubbard, were in the process of developing the HANS devicewhich had just begun production.

Also, the wall that McDuffie and Means struck had to be repaired. Maybe you remember how your grandpa taught you to straighten a bent nail. McDuffie was competing against Earnhardts nascae Aces” crew, and he won by about 5 car lengths They never thought they would get him to stop grinning. A ninth place qualifying effort turned into a fifth place finish during which he led laps, nadcar most of any single race in his career. North West – Simone Andrews. Dave Marcis, a close friend of McDuffie’s called for water barriers to be placed in front of the wall.


It was obvious right away that J. Unfortunately, the day ended with J. Jean remembers seeing volunteers at every track who were ready to pitch in with anything the number 70 car might need. After peering into McDuffie’s car, Means began frantically signaling for assistance, later saying, “It was so bad that I just had to close my eyes.

: Twenty Years Later, Former #70 Crewman Marty Burke Remembers J.D. McDuffie

McDuffie’s left front wheel spindle broke off of the car, causing him to lose mcduffiie and hit Means in the right mccduffie.

Now, it was time to have fun. In the early days of the Internet, there were still news groups to discuss racing. Racing was seldom easy for J. The big-money days were just coming into NASCAR back when he started racing and sponsorship for racecars was becoming the way to go. I knew it was the real thing.

We missed the jetting on the carb on race day, so we were not really very fast. I’m quite sure that companionship entered into that equation as well, for J. Brocks report is accurate Thanks, Marty. Going into the season, McDuffie knew that his performance at Daytona would decide whether he could continue. D McDuffie who went his whole career in his own car; J. I had the profound honor mcsuffie meeting him once, just outside of Darlington in To complicate matters, J.


Looking back on the Watkins Glen weekend, the events mcduffue up to the race feel surreal to Burke.

J. D. McDuffie

He maintained his independence and his resourcefulness in a sport where both qualities were destined for extinction. JD did things on jf own, and didn’t buy anything unless he had to have it.

Retrieved April 6, As the cars got back on the track and cruised under yellow flag conditions, the media attention turned to Chip Williams, NASCAR’s PR director, who disclosed that McDuffie had died instantly from head and brain injuries.

McDuffie and got a pair of gloves signed by Derrike Cope and a pit crew uniform from Davey Allison’s team. Such sponsorships were likely to mean nothing more than an extra set of tires strapped to the rack on “Ol’ Blue”, still he persisted over the years, all for the pure love of the sport and the thrill of the race.