If you need an extra beta tester, glad to help Added paging information structure to pass paging dma buffer size and paging dma private size. Fix for query buffer allocation coming from stolen memory. Smart 2D Display Technology. Arranged the options in resource for Aspect Options to by symmetrically distanced. Desktop resolution is xx32bit 60Hz after installing the graphics driver using the command: X-coordinates on YUV render targets must be even.

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Now the fix reference frequencies are 48khx, 96kHz and khz. We will update you as soon as we get any response from the concern department. Production Candidate; fully validated. Added support for 2nd palette load command in KMD, and verified that it resolves the 2nd palette in B0. If you need an extra beta tester, glad to help When appears UAC message in 1.

It tries to read theris from context data but it shoud read thiers from drawable data. BB code is On. New set of Luma Keying kernels. Unlock will happen when CUI receives Dock event which it will receive from Driver only when Driver has post and validate calls coming be it Dock or Undock event.


IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator- Release Notes

AVS Forum articles Contests. I thought PDVD 7. The text color of the DVD menu is incorrect. Green unicolor playback or tiled previous playback is displayed immediately after start playing. Root caused to a SW codec bug and a driver WA is needed. I have to kill Media Center service to bring things to normal.

A bit AVI video file can’t be played with all current Intel video drivers. This logic is wrong because, if the first boot registry key is already present on a system. I’m confused regarding hardware video decoding and this motherboard.

DP related bug fixes post. VideoPP kernel interface modification. Need to check for live state buffer as part of display detection to do EDID read for display detection. It shows Garbage on Display Port with x 16 bit only on Battery mode.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Hence, as soon as interrupts are enabled, media reset interrupt is generated since the timer by then has surpassed the threshold. I will see if we can get these uploaded after further testing tonight. This is causing the corruption. Added check for userclip plane support before programming states. Cannot play BD on 64bit OS. Gamma, Brightness and Contrast values do not match values selected for scheme. Issue not seen with the latest driver. Fix GRF programming in Overlay blending path.


Add implementation for the function. X-coordinates on YUV render targets must be even. Remove RGB16 support in query caps function.

PWM frequency is not correct.