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ESI plans to release new multi-channel solutions in the near future. The digital outputs on this thing are standard setting. Right now, we are just at the beginning of this development – in the future, there will be less and less DSP based products in the audio market and native processing solutions will get even more important. Yet, Singapore based Creative Labs has – with some of their E-MU brand products – achieved high dynamic range values on the input section – it is up to the customer if he prefers a good frequency response or a slightly higher dynamic range, just depending on his specific needs. However, considering the high price of EMU, it cannot be called a successful sound card — it’s an economic modification of the elder M.

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We do plan to design a variety of rack casings to give our users more connection possibilities, both for the consumer and professional music markets. US EMU office promised to send us a press-sample, but we lost contact with it. Excellent performance via the coax and toslink outs, which is what I needed it for.

Converters bit Sample Rates Worked without a hitch. We test DirectSound functions of the card, because we have such an opportunity. Feel The Sunshine, Pulp Friction and some other test compositions with clear compressed mastering and timbre-catchy high frequency range.

If you increase the time between the auditions to a couple of minutes, you won’t be able to distinguish the cards even with the same music fragment. According to the reviews this card out performs sound cards costing 3 to times as much.


In the loopback mode when the output and the input of the card are connected there is no such drawback, thus we have some disalignment in the operation of balance interfaces in this specific device combo.

Using Sennheiser HD ohm impedance [email protected] the adapter caused no problems with sound.

Now, professionals are slowly starting to work with higher sample-rates in the production process, not only with the higher bit-rate. Many professionals are also buying higher spec hardware because they understand that higher spec hardware also works better even when working with lower samplerates.

We also believe that we have developed a great value for audio professionals and audio enthusiasts with Juli – currently one of the best solution on the esk for digital recording because of its exceptional circuitry design.

However, we thought that it was not that impressive quality and not superior than AC Sound Quality Juli vs. Of course reaching a specific price is always a concern during development.

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We really liked the quality of AKM so it was our conclusion to use it also for Juli despite the number of channels. This item is nonreturnable.

Will ESI respond with a solution featuring top-end converters at an affordable price? Can you share some of your plans with us?

ESI [email protected]

No Longer Available Update Location close. Aside from standard features, E-WDM offers functions required for professional sound processing: ESI was one of the first companies to introduce kHz and 7.

ESI Juli block diagram. But hi-end audio PC users RCA jacks are a curtsy to themwho use their computers solely for high quality playback and who do not care about ADC, have a reason to pause — is the DAC comparable with the level of the rest of the sound playback section? Using DirectWIRE you can also record multi-channel audio from DVD or another source even protected from copying in formats up to bit kHz in real time in completely digital form.


If we still have an opportunity, we’ll update this article. Not specified by manufacturer. How you do evaluate DSP features and the quality of converters in these sound cards taking into account their prices?

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Besides, we carried out the following interesting experiment: Ultra-low latency, less than 1. If stability and excellent sound is your priority then by all means this card is for you.

The box for ESI Juli is nice and functional.

We have the new MAYA waiting to be released behind the corner but these might not be as special as Juli. There was certainly improvement on specification over the outdated AC The difference is not so large but it still makes itself felt.