With this my first Copper Mod has lasted me for days 1 year, 5 months, 1 week and 6 days. Unfortunately, the original battery is almost dead and lasts only for 15 minutes. The ideal amount of the Thermal Compound is equal to about half the size of an uncooked short grain of White Rice. Dell’s technician suspects heat from the wireless card breaking up the circuit and suggests replacing the motherboard for correcting the problem. How about the benefits of this Copper Mod? My notebook is running great without any spares, service or repair!

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The Copper Mod may be used on the Northbridge Chipset.

You are responsible for all risks and consequences arising out of this mod or the attempt to try this mod. Jamerton Dec 20, The Thermal Compound will take several hours around hours for Arctic Silver 5 and several thermal cycles to cure as long as the Notebook is turned off from time to time and allowed to cool to room temperature. It should be applied directly only on top of mating surface of the actual core and its Thermal Cooling Assembly and then spread evenly using a Thermal Compound Spreader.


Dell XPS M – nVidia GeForce M GS – Copper Mod | NotebookReview

How about reversing this Copper Mod? Its much easier to apply than ceramique and you can easily get a thin layer, in tests it has been proven to be on par or beat AS5. Kreeeee – eBay Store Link. It should not be loose enough to fall off or tight enough for no expansion. Alienware 17 R5 from Dell Outlet zdevilinsideDec 26, at 6: This leads to overheating the GPU and damaging it along with other components.

How about using Aluminium instead of Copper? Similar Threads – Dell M nVidia. KreeeeeJul 2, I remember reading a review of a whole mvidia of thermal compounds and ceramique came out number 2, next to some hard to find expensive stuff.

Shame I already just ordered my tube of AS Ceramique not 5 minutes ago. How about tightening the Screws ideally? Dell Latitude, Vostro, and Precision. How about using Arctic Ceramique instead of Arctic Silver 5? m133

Phillips Screwdriver – 0. Dell Service Manual Monitor Fan Status and Speed. Dell will just have jvidia keep changing my motherboard at their expense until they decide to do something proper about it.


How about the System Board circuits getting shorted due to Arctic Silver 5 spillage? But I personally dont see why I should do Dell’s job for them. GPU with Copper Sheet Tweak Dec 21, This guide is provided for educational purposes only. Limited Warranty Enhancement Details.

The ideal size of the Copper Sheet is 14x14x1.

However, they may not be easily available and reasonably priced as Arctic Silver 5. Log in or Sign up. How about the Copper Sheet fit? It is recommended to reverse this Copper Mod before sending your Notebook back to Dell.

Dell XPS M1330 – nVidia GeForce 8400M GS – Copper Mod

No, create an account now. The ideal amount of the Thermal Compound is equal to about half the size of an uncooked short grain of White Rice. The motherboard was replaced by Dell’s technician today and I have redone the Copper Mod.