These are the detection timings for each cassette feeder: Is the trouble resolved when the YES End scanner motor is replaced? If it is pick-up roller. Canon machines deliver the highest level of print clarity and consistency and getting the best from your Canon machine depends on two important things. To cancel the test print, press the stop key.

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Furthermore the output voltage from the DC bias generation circuit undergoes constant voltage control by being returned to the comparison circuit. Paper curl 2 Is the paper very curled? Item Details Activity management record Record of the past 40 transmissions System dump record Past communication conditions, error communication history, etc.

Answer yes or no to the items in the Items to Check column. If the trouble is not resolved, replace the pick-up roller. The encoding methods are as shown below, depending on the combination of Bit 0 and Bit 1 settings.

Canon GP160 PCL 5e Drivers for Windows 8 64 bit Download

Is it 1 YES Clean the paper feed dirty? Pick-up roller Feed roller Separation roller Registration roller 4 5 Is the registration roller normal? Do not place in an area with ammonia fumes.

When an error occurs Normal completion 1: When replacing the image processor PCB, check the counter before replacing. NO Check that no external light is reaching the photosensitive drum. To remove the pick-up solenoid 1 Remove the 3 installation screws [1], and then remove the pick-up drive unit cover [2].


Transfer charging roller 2 Is there dirt on gp1660 transfer charging roller? YES Explain to the user that each cassette can hold a maximum of cankn of paper. Charging the magnification ratio The image below will be displayed. The control data can be reentered at this point. Gp106 4 Is the re-charging eliminator dirty? The fixing pressure rolling cleaning only takes place when the fixing pressure roller is rotating, and the cleaning mechanism only works during printing when the pressure roller is rotating.

Canon GP160 Toner Cartridge Black 1500A003AA

Be sure to not press down on the paper width guide. Are the multifeeder pick-up drive YES Replace damaged assembly gears damaged?

The motor driver IC IC3 supplies power to the document scanner in compliance with the clock signal which is sent with this control instruction. Therefore, check the fixing assembly nip width by following the procedures described below. Logarithmic correction The CCD output has linear characteristics with regards to the reflected light from the document, however, the density seen by the eye when looking at a document is not linear in relation to reflected light. Magnification ratio process The magnification bp160 in horizontal scanning direction drum axis direction is changed by line skipping for reducing when writing the image signal to the line memory, or double scanning for enlarging when reading out from the line memory.


Got a question for HuntOffice? Accumulated image data in the memory are cleared. The paper, which is fed out of the fixing assembly is detected by the delivery sensor PS Therefore, the lowerst cassette feeder cannot be used as the first or second cassette feeder.

Is the cable between connector J NO Reconnect the connectors properly. Canon toners are user friendly and the easy-change automatic supply container will save you time and mess.

Canon GP Service manual |

When printing failure can be resolved by use of the recommended paper which is stored in a proper environment, advise that the user use the recommended paper or instruct the user in storage methods for recording paper. Fixing, faulty synchronization, soiled reverse cann Remarks Clean with a blower brush.

Is the connector firmly connected? NO If the registration roller is dirty, clean it.