If this was a nightmare for the nun, then the events leading up to her transfer to Italy, if her allegations are to be believed, are even more traumatising. I have solid evidence. Four years later, the case is hogging the headlines again as the Catholic Church in Kerala, under pressure, has decided to pay Rs 12 lakh to the nun to “rehabilitate” her. She is all set to launch an indefinite hunger strike in front of the Sisters of St Agata Convent at Thottakkattukara, the Indian Express said on Tuesday. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Skip to main content. Notify me of new comments via email.

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A nun in Kerala, Justice Sreedevi nnu, had accused her convent of having forced her to swallow as many as 18 anti-depressants a day. More in Top Stories.

Sex abuse: former nun plans hunger strike

While working as a high school teacher, a priest at the convent allegedly sexually harassed her. For example, the Mother Abbess can now read newspapers to filter what is happening in the world, to explain to other nuns should they want to know.

The church is like a huge stone wall, there wluva some hands thumping on it asking for justice, but that will not damage the wall. Police claim rats drank about 1, litres of seized liquor in Bareilly Opinion: Jacobite-Orthodox fight continues over Kerala church.

Shame and scandal in the family

The devastating effects of demonetization. Far below I have given the link to the mms.

Thursday, August 20, Kerala nun caught in sex clip dismissed. The case that shook the state was that of Sister Abhaya. So the Rome, America even the hight authority will never punksh them.


Kerala Church deal with nun

When she has no complaint, then why are others bothered? What is worrying is the fact that instead of taking remedial measures, the church looks the other way whenever there are warning signs of a scandal rearing its head. She had had a four-year-long affair with the priest — with the tacit approval of her superior and companions.

The time for conversation nuj one another is limited: My luggage was thrown out and I was asked to leave the convent.

Kerala Women’s Commission had recently requested the state government to initiate legal action against those who force minor aluga into nunneries after it received several complaints of unwilling teenagers being forced to take the vow by relatives.

The same congregation is giving her some help to settle her in life. The Poor Clares can only nnun their families twice in a lifetime — once when their fathers die, the other time when their mothers pass on. After a series of torture, I was thrown out of the convent on February Meenakshi Soman Do the nuns ever suffer a crisis of faith?

He termed the allegations of torture and sexual harassment untrue. Sacred Heart Sister Leena Jose, secretary of the Kerala chapter of the Conference of Religious India, expressed relief that the incident was not overblown by local media. Sister Anita could not be reached by The News Minute even after repeated attempts. Agatha convent in Aluva near Kochi – which had refused to take her back on her return from Italy on February Thirteen nuns of the Congregation of Mother of Carmel CMC mission in Narakkal, in Ernakulam district, have been battling the local parish clergy through their website — http: But are all nuns who leave the congregation given such huge settlements?


There was a time when such incidents were not as commonplace as they now seem to be in Kerala. This happened in case of the errant nun in Aluva.

Sex abuse: former nun plans hunger strike | UCAN India

The driver was packed off to the Gulf, and the nun asked to leave the congregation and rehabilitated, with a hospital alyva in Delhi. Reformation campaigners in Kerala said this was probably the first time in the history of the Church that a nun was being paid although some instances of child abuse victims being compensated had been reported abroad. Last month, Sister Jesme, former principal of a reputed college in Trichur, rocked the state when she published a book that carried explicit anecdotes about priests molesting nuns.

When questioned, the nun requested them to relieve her since she had committed the cardinal sin and brought defame to the nunnery.

Apart from the vows of obedience, poverty and celibacy, we also take a fourth vow of enclosure.

Nuns and fathers in Kerala are in the news — and for all the wrong reasons.