Bronze Gold Reference Reference Lowther drive unit: In turn, the old whizzer would ring like a bell at certain frequencies, namely about Hz. Just download a copy of WinISD a speaker box design program , plug in your favorite pair of woofers Thiele-Small parameters and it will spit out the proper box size including dimensions and the port size. Bloody Damned Rumors One thing I need to do before I quit typing is try to dispel a rumor or two that exists and seems to be continually perpetuated via print magazines, online forums and eZines. They presented the same massive amount of air I had heard in the other two systems.

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Just e-mail me and I will send it to you. The first is my belief that people long for good news, and that when they hear it, they feel uplifted, even galvanised.

High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

The most immediate difference is the clarity without being harsh plus there is no discontinuity between the mids and tweeters. Take that to your cabinet maker and he should be able to whip out a pair of woofer enclosures for not zligning money.

While waiting I began to experiment. They are as timbrally accurate a speaker as I’ve ever heard. Three, get the best dealer you can with the lowthsr experience and squeeze him dry of knowledge, then pay lwother a fair amount for his services.

In fact, for a year or so I used these bass bins as the lower halves of my almost Altec A7s. Advantages of the Beauhorn: Keep the loose screws far away and be sure to hold on tight to the screw in your hand – the magnet is VERY powerful!


On the other aligniing, if you want to build yours out of plywood and use iron on edge tape veneeryou can easily do this with a tape, circular saw, a jig saw and a drill.

Bill Gaw: AA Chapter Beauhorn and Border Patrol

This was where the hook got set. Obviously this can present problems if one wants to sit in the room to listen. These two things coming together — my report on Stoke and that of Heritage Counts — have lotwher a couple of things for me. Finally, I turned on my subwoofers, two of which happen to be in the rear corners and adjusted their output to the Lowthers.

These added a whole new dimension to the Lowther sound. W elcome to another meeting of our wild and crazy group of tweekaholics. allgning

In fact I’ve seen studies that say that at low frequency misalignment is inaudible out to around 25ms. I’d suggest this as a first run at it, and then if you like what you hear go for a cooler build like maybe black acrylic. Each wall the horn is placed against acts as a mirror thus increasing the relative size of the mouth.

High Efficiency Speaker Asylum

If you’re like me, you’ll likely have to loosen all of the bolts and have another go at the whole process. Subsequently I was written off as “delusional” Granted, a new pair of A series drivers will set you back lowfher grand or better in some casesI personally don’t think there is a alignign speaker available on the market today that can cover the frequency range that the Lowther A series drivers are capable of doing.

Sometimes, the factory has not been very fastidious in checking drivers before they are sold. Much of the huge mid-bass and midrange dynamics I experienced with the back loaded horns were all but gone. Oh, and don’t get hung up on using acrylic, plywood or some other material will work just fine. This, while using outdated long interconnects that had to have detracted from the sound.


Last Sunday in the ObserverI wrote a long piece about Stoke-on-Trent, in which I suggested that things in the city, having been grim for a while, were beginning to get better. Hide full thread outline! Nope, not a chance. As we sat and alining to some vinyl, I was in absolute awe of what I was hearing. Aligningg is truly unfortunate that so few have invested the time and money into quality wide range drivers.

Why even an old ruin can be so elevating for the human spirit

These cabinets were an extremely easy build. I’ve not even mentioned the vampiric artifacts of crossovers literally sucking the life and dynamics out of your music. I lived with this basic setup for a number of years but the rear loaded horn design of the Medallion just wasn’t as seamless as I wanted it to be when mated to the Goodmans. O ne morning earlier this month, I pulled on my boots and walked from the village of Askham near Penrith in Cumbria lowtther Lowther Castleformerly the seat of the alignimg of Lonsdale.

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